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NAST Award Winners
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Nominations Now Closed for 2019 


In preparation for 2020, the NAST Executive Committee will seek nominees from State Treasurers, Treasury and Network staff, and Corporate Affiliates for the following awards to be given out during the Annual Conference. Please consider the attributes and criteria for each award and nominate individual(s) who you believe would be a worthy recipient of each award. The Executive Committee will select award winners from all the candidates nominated.

Jesse M. Unruh Award


The Jesse M. Unruh Award is named for Jesse Unruh, a founding member of NAST and former California State Treasurer. As State Treasurer, Mr. Unruh expanded the role of the office with his leadership on numerous boards and commissions and by transforming the office into a powerful voice for investors. Following his death in office in 1987, his heirs and supporters established the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California with a mission of motivating students to participate in politics and encourage public officers to champion non-partisan and ethical issues. Unruh held a BA in political science from the University of Southern California. 

This distinguished award recognizes a current Treasurer's outstanding service to the association, the profession, and his or her state.


2018 Beth Pearce, Vermont

2017 Ken Miller, Oklahoma

2016 James B. Lewis, New Mexico

2015 Richard Ellis, Utah

2014 Manju Ganeriwala, Virginia

2013 David H. Lillard, Jr., Tennessee

2012 Nancy K. Kopp, Maryland

2011 James B. Lewis, New Mexico

2010 Tate Reeves, Mississippi

2009 Jeb Spaulding, Vermont

2008 Dale Sims, Tennessee

2007 John D. Perdue, West Virginia

2006 Mike Ablowich, New Hampshire

2005 Tim Berry, Indiana

2004 Brian Krolicki, Nevada

2003 W. Daniel Ebersole, Georgia
2001 David Heineman, Nebraska

2000 Jim Hill, Oregon

1999 Harlan Boyles, North Carolina

          Stephen D. Adams, Tennessee

1998 Marshall G. Bennett, Mississippi

1997 Georgie Thomas, New Hampshire

          Robert L. Seale, Nevada
1996 Sam Shapiro, Maine

1995 Janet Rzewnicki, Delaware

1994 Lucille Maurer, Maryland

1993 Mary Ellen Withrow, Ohio

1992 Mike Fitzgerald, Iowa

1991 Jimmie Lou Fisher, Arkansas

1990 Charles P. Smith, Wisconsin

1989 Ed Alter, Utah

Harlan Boyles/Edward T. Alter Distinguished 
Service Award


Harlan Boyles, the State Treasurer in North Carolina from 1977 to 2001, was known as the “Keeper of the Public Purse,” which was also the name of a book he authored.  Edward T. Alter, the State Treasurer in Utah from 1981 to 2009, served with distinction in five state-wide administrations.

The Boyles/Alter Distinguished Service Award is presented to a dedicated and committed public servant whose outstanding career in government has provided a respected voice for NAST at all levels of state government. 


2018 Ken Miller, Oklahoma

2017 Don Stenberg, Nebraska

2016 Manju Ganeriwala, Virginia

2015 David H. Lillard, Jr., Tennessee

2014 James McIntire, Washington

2013 James B. Lewis, New Mexico

          Beth Pearce, Vermont

2011 Richard Ellis, Utah

2010 Nancy Kopp, Maryland

2009 W. Daniel Ebersole, Georgia

2008 Pamela Taylor, Kentucky

2007 Michael J. Murphy, Washington

2005 James H. Douglas, Vermont

2004 Georgie Thomas, New Hampshire

2003 Edward Alter, Utah

          Marshall G. Bennett, Mississippi
2000 Harlan Boyles, North Carolina


Lucille Maurer Award


Lucille Maurer was the first woman to serve as State Treasurer in Maryland, and the twenty-first Treasurer to serve in the position since the State Constitution mandated the position in 1851.

The Lucille Maurer Award (formerly the Treasurer Emeritus Award) is presented to a former Treasurer in recognition of outstanding service to the association. 


2018 Jeff Barnette, DC

          Richard Ellis, Utah

2017 Jim McIntire, Washington

2016 David Lemoine, Maine

2015 James Lewis, New Mexico

2013 Mary Morris, Virginia

2011 W. Daniel Ebersole, Georgia

2008 Ronald L. Tillett, Virginia

2007 Marshall G. Bennett, Mississippi

2000 Robert L. Seale, Nevada

1999 Harlan Mathews, Tennessee

1998 Paul Ruse, Vermont

          Sam Shapiro, Maine

1997 Tom Hayes, California

1996 Charlie Smith, Wisconsin

1995 Tony Meeker, Oregon

1994 Francisco L. Borges, Connecticut

1993 David Volk, South Dakota

1992 Bill Gunter, Florida

1991 Hank Parker, Connecticut

1990 Mike Mirabelli, Nevada


Corporate Affiliate Award


NAST’s Corporate Affiliates are key partners helping to foster cooperation between State Treasury offices and other government financial agencies, and always working towards similar goals in the public finance sector.

The Corporate Affiliate Award recognizes an active Corporate Affiliate member for outstanding service to the profession and the association.  


2018 Kathleen McClure-Wight

          Mark McQuillan

2017 Jim Haddon

2016 Francie Heller

2015 Andrea Feirstein

2014 Ari Barkan

2013 Charles Dufresne

2012 Lisa Mezzetti

2011 Norice Rice

2010 JoAnne Jackson

2009 Amy Michaliszyn

2008 Kenneth Roberts

          Richard Sigal

2007 Lynden Lyman

2006 Vin DeBaggis
2005 Arthur Marcus
2004 Ron Tillett
2003 William H. Hayden
2001 Tony Meeker

2000 William F. Slade
1999 John Philbert
1998 Robert L. Spare
1997 JoAnne Jackson
1996 Austin Koenen
1995 Paul Pugliese
1994 Brooke Cutler Ashland
1993 Claire Cohen
1992 Bill Nurre
1991 Ken Olson
1990 Melinda Gordon
          Jack Kiley
1989 David Maynard
          John F. Blake
1988 Sheila Doyle